Selecting Resources to achieve your goals


Selecting resources is critical to any plan. If your plan is to hike across the mountains then you will need maps, compasses, tents, packs, boots, a reasonable level of fitness and the knowledge required to navigate across mountainous terrain. The same principles apply to a plan for self-reliance.

What Resources are there?


Selecting Resources

Knowledge, Skills and Experience

You need knowledge of what works and what does not work, what you should and should not do, what can happen, what will not happen, what is likely to happen, and what is unlikely to happen. Your knowledge is what you use to analyse a situation and make a decision about your course of action. As the saying: “Knowledge is Power!” the more you know the more powerful you become. Knowledge is the one asset you have that will always appreciate and never depreciate. Having the right knowledge will help your selecting resources.

Skills are your ability to accomplish a set of tasks. For instance, digging a hole. If you do not have the skill to use a shovel than you do not have the ability to dig a hole effectively. Fortunately, the internet, online videos and this site make it really easy to learn any skill you require to accomplish any task you set for yourself.

Experience comes from trying to accomplish something, evaluating what you did well and where you need to improve, then trying again with this new feedback. Experience is key. You can learn the knowledge of how to weld from Youtube. (This is a great channel to learn to weld from) However, if you do not practice it you will never have the skill. The art of welding can only be learnt by experience. Keep trying and then get better.


Many projects you attempt will require space. Either space on a computer or actual physical space. You can not have a vegetable garden without room for your garden beds. The amount of space you have available to you will dictate the size and feasibility of any project you attempt.


Many projects require tools. This may be a pencil, a computer or a laser level. In order to complete your project, you will need to acquire the tools and skills necessary to use them. Having a hammer is greatĀ unless you don’t know how to use it.


If your project is more than an intellectual project you will need to gather materials. Materials are consumable items used up in completing your project. These could be timber, steel, seeds, screws, soil, water or anything you need to complete your project.


Sometimes you will not be able complete a project alone, maybe you need expert help. Maybe you just need someone to hold things while you drill holes.


Time is a resource. Everything takes someĀ time to accomplish. Usually, it takes longer than you would expect. So you need to estimate the amount of time you expect to spend on a project to determine if your time is better spent elsewhere.

Selecting Resources that you need

No matter what your goal is, you will need certain resources to accomplish it. You need to be aware of what resources you have and what resources you still need to acquire. Though, I did not mention money here money is a resource, however, it is only utilised to gain other resources. However, you don’t build with money, you build with the materials you buy with money.

Select your resources wisely, some resources you can manufacture, some you have to beg, borrow or purchase. Finally, proper resource selection avoids wastage and surplus. If you’re hiking for two days with four days worth of food your shoulders and back will not be happy with you. If you plan a construction project but only purchase half the necessary resources you will waste time and money returning to the supplier for more materials.

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