About this Journey to Self-Reliance

Who am I?

I am Jakob Shanks, I live in South-East Queensland, Australia. This website is all about my journey to Self-Reliance. I’m going to share with you, all the knowledge I’ve accumulated over the years and my experiences on this journey.


Jakob Shanks

Why Self-Reliance?

I believe self-reliance, or self-sufficiency, or personal responsibility is the cornerstone of a good society. When we blame others or let the government take responsibility for every aspect of our lives, we give away all our power to improve the world around us. Since improving the world begins with improving ourselves, the best way to improve your self is through self-reliance.

Another Blog on (Homesteading, Prepping, Self-Reliance)?

Yes! Another Blog, on Self-Reliance. Since nearly all self-reliance information is from our friends in the United States. Though I have nothing against Americans, some of my family are Americans. However, their climate and their challenges are completely different to an Australians. Even in Australia, there is a vast range of climates and local issues to contend with. Creating a blog on my journey to Self-Reliance, furthers everyone’s body of knowledge and makes me accountable. Accountability means staying focused and achieving the goal.

Is Jakob Shanks a credible source on Self-Reliance?

Short answer: It depends, judge for yourself. Why do I think I’m credible? I’ve been studying this topic since I was 12 when I first read John Seymour’s – The Complete Book of Self-Sufficiency. I highly recommend that everyone interested in Self-Sufficiency or Self-Reliance read this book.

Today, I’m 32. I’ve been researching this subject for 20 years. Countless books and websites absorbed, days of videos watched. And now I have the opportunity to put what I’ve been learning into practice. I have enough space that I can produce all of my own food and the majority of my energy requirements.

What am I putting on this blog?

I will be sharing posts on all of my knowledge related to self-reliance. And, I will also post my opinions on any contemporary topic that interests me.  Also, you can read records of my meteorological and astronomical observations and any other experiments I conduct.

One of my goals is to be a source of alternative news. So I will post news articles that will only be facts without any overriding agenda or opinion so that you can make up your own mind. And, I will also post detailed descriptions of my projects so that you can try them yourself.

Stick around, read and share my posts, comment on them and try the techniques I suggest for yourself. if you like what you’re reading send me an email and sign up for the newsletter.  If you don’t know where to begin, The Importance of Planning is a great place to start.