Should you Opt Out of My Health Record?

Opt Out of My Health Record
Should you Opt Out of My Health Record? The Australian Government have created a system that will store patient data for all Australians. On the surface, this seems like a really good idea. All your patient history stored in one place. So no matter which health care professional you see they can access your entire history. The system autmatically adds everyone with a medicare card. And, you have to opt out if you don’t want to be part of it. So, should you be part of this system? Do you trust the government with your personal and private information? My Health Record definately adds a layer of convinence and efficency to managing your treatment over multiple specialists. Nothing comes for free, the price of this system is an increased risk. Are you willing to pay this price or will you Opt Out of My Health Record?

Reasons to Opt Out of My Health Record

  1. One of the biggest risks is information security. The Australian Government has consistently proven over the years that not only do they lack the ability to secure their networks but they also misunderstand basic computer security fundamentals (
  2. Another risk is corruption in the public service. Many news reporters delight in showing not only the ineptitude of the public service but how many public servants are lining their own pockets ( This is a subset of the security reason but is separate from hackers attacking the network and database.
  3. Breaching patient confidentiality is a huge risk. Currently, doctors have to supply patients’ records by court order. However, they can seal the record requesting that it remained sealed until the argument against unsealing them is heard. ( A doctor that knows you personally is likely to make that argument. A beuracrat with no personal conection to you whatsoever is unlikely to make that argument. The My Health Records Act 2012, ( states that the system operator must disclose information to law enforcement and courts under certain circumstances. Legislation states they can refuse the request if they’re unconvinced a crime has been commited. However, how can we rely on a faceless beuracrate to have our best interests at heart? When the federal police are willing to break the law to pursue internal leaks (, can we really trust the government to protect our personal information from people who intend us harm?
  4. Finally, the government can change the legislation. This is a major risk as we’ve seen the government legislate against it’s citizens in the name of security.
    1. Meta Data Retention, a record of every transaction you make on the internet. (
    2. Government Censorship of the Internet ( and (
    3. Recently Governements all around Australia, modified gunlaws making hundreds of gunowners criminals. (  they also have an ambiguous law that states a gun can be banned simply for its appearence. (  and (


I decided that the risk is too great for me. So I opted out of My Health Record. If you don’t trust the governement with your personal and private information you can opt out here ( but be quick because you only have until the 15th of October 2018 to do so.


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